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USPS Star Calendar for 13-19 October 6 October 2013

Posted by amedalen in October 2013.
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13 Oct    The waxing gibbous moon lies midway between magnitude 0.9 Altair, 3 fist-widths to the upper right, and magnitude 1.3 Fomalhaut, to the lower left. Mars is now to Regulus’ upper left.

14 Oct    Although closer, Mars remains to Regulus’ upper left.

15 Oct    This morning, Mars sinks to Regulus’ left and passes within less than 1 degree.

16 Oct    Now to the lower left of Regulus, Mars falls farther away every day. Meanwhile, in the evening sky, Venus passes within 1.5 degrees of Antares low in the southwest at dusk.

18 Oct    As the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow tonight, the slight penumbral eclipse of the moon will be difficult to see for all but those living in the eastern half of North America, who may see some faint shading of the moon’s southernmost limb soon after moonrise.

USPS Star Calendar for 3-9 June 27 May 2012

Posted by amedalen in June 2012.
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3 Jun    Rising a half hour before sunset, the nearly full moon is high in the south or southeast by midnight. Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, is 2 finger-widths to the moon’s lower left. The moon is at perigee, 56.21 Earth-radii (358,000 kilometers) away.

4 Jun    The full moon rises a half hour after sunset and is low in the southwest by morning. Before dawn, a partial lunar eclipse is visible for most of the United States.

5 Jun    Rising 1½ hours after sunset, the waning gibbous moon is low in the southeast by dawn.

8 Jun    High in the south at first light, magnitude 0.9 Altair is far to the moon’s upper right.