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USPS Star Calendar entries now available on The Ensign website 21 June 2015

Posted by amedalen in June 2015.
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Thank you for being faithful followers of the USPS Star Calendar. Entries will now be posted on The Ensign’s website at http://theensign.org/category/departments/stargazer.

You can subscribe to the blog by accessing the feed link on your favorite RSS feed reader: http://theensign.org/category/departments/stargazer/feed/.

The older blog will remain available as a resource.


USPS Star Calendar for 21-27 June 14 June 2015

Posted by amedalen in June 2015.
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21 Jun    The summer solstice occurs at 1638 UT. Regulus is less than 3 finger-widths to the moon’s upper right.

23 Jun    Venus and Jupiter are separated by less than the width of 2 fingers held at arm’s length.

24 Jun    At its greatest elongation 22.5 degrees west of the sun, Mercury rises more than an hour before sunrise.

25 Jun    Spica is little more than 1 finger-width to the moon’s lower left this evening.

26 Jun    The moon lies between Spica, 1 fist-width to the right or lower right, and Saturn, 2½ fist-widths to the lower left. Venus and Jupiter are separated by only 1 finger-width.

27 Jun    The moon moves closer to Saturn this evening. Spica is more than 2 fist-widths to the right, and Saturn is 1 fist-width to the lower left.

USPS Star Calendar for 14-20 June 7 June 2015

Posted by amedalen in June 2015.
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14 Jun    Before dawn, the Pleiades Cluster is less than a fist-width to the moon’s upper left.

15 Jun    Watch Jupiter and Venus line up between Regulus and Pollux in the west. At dusk, Venus becomes visible first. Jupiter is next, 4 finger-widths to the upper left. The stars come last: Pollux, 1½ fist-widths to Venus’ lower right, and Regulus, 1 fist-width to Jupiter’s upper left.

17 Jun    Early this evening, far to the upper right of brilliant Venus is the Big Dipper, its handle pointing straight up.

19 Jun    Low in the west at dusk, Venus is 3 finger-widths above the moon, while Jupiter is 3 finger-widths to Venus’ upper left. In the next few days, the planets grow closer until they pass closely on the 30th.

20 Jun    Venus and Jupiter are to the moon’s right tonight. Regulus is 4 finger-widths to the moon’s upper left.