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USPS Star Calendar for 16-22 March 9 March 2014

Posted by amedalen in March 2014.
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16 Mar    The full moon rises two hours before magnitude 0.9 Mars. Magnitude 1.2 Spica rises at the same time as Mars, 2½ finger-widths to the right.

17 Mar    The moon rises less than an hour before Mars and Spica this evening.

18 Mar    Tonight Mars and Spica rise less than 15 minutes before the moon. They form a tight triangle that you can cover with two fingers held at arm’s length.

19 Mar    The moon rises more than three hours after sunset. Saturn follows an hour later.

20 Mar    The vernal equinox occurs at 1657 UT as the sun crosses the celestial equator into the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in nearly equal amounts of day and night throughout the world. This marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Late tonight, Saturn rises less than 10 minutes before the moon, separated by less than 1 finger-width. The moon is low in the south before dawn with Mars nearly 2 fist-widths to the right and Saturn 4 finger-widths to the left.

21 Mar    Saturn is 2 finger-widths to the moon’s right this morning. Over the next few days, the moon travels the morning sky right to left, from Saturn to Venus.

22 Mar    Antares is 3 finger-widths below the moon before dawn. Saturn is nearly 2 fist-widths to the right. Venus is far to the lower left.


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