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USPS Star Calendar for 23-29 June 16 June 2013

Posted by amedalen in June 2013.
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23 Jun    The moon is at perigee, 55.97 Earth-radii, or 357,000 kilometers, away. Perigee occurs less than a half hour before the full moon, so we can expect tidal extremes. Full moon at 1132 UT

24 Jun    Three finger-widths to the lower left of Pollux, Venus lines up with the Gemini Twins over the next two evenings. Look quickly because Venus sets little more than an hour and a half after the sun.

25 Jun    Rising late, the moon is low in the southwest before dawn. Only a couple of days past full, the moon is 95 percent illuminated.

27 Jun    High in the south at dawn, Altair is 3½ fist-widths to the moon’s upper right, and Fomalhaut is 2½ fist-widths to its lower left. The moon is 80 percent illuminated.

28 Jun    Before dawn, you’ll find magnitude 1.3 Fomalhaut 2½ fist-widths below the moon.


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