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USPS Star Calendar for 9-15 June 2 June 2013

Posted by amedalen in June 2013.
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9 Jun    The moon is at apogee, 63.73 Earth-radii, or 406,000 kilometers, away.

10 Jun    With a clear view of the western horizon after dusk, you should be able to spot Mercury and Venus to the moon’s right. Get out early, because Venus and the moon slip below the horizon 1½ hours after sunset, and Mercury follows 20 minutes later.

11 Jun    A little higher this evening, the moon, now to the upper left of Venus and Mercury, sets 2 hours after the sun. Less than 10 percent of the moon’s surface is illuminated.

12 Jun    Mercury is at its greatest elongation, 24.3 degrees east of the sun.

13 Jun    Regulus is 1 fist-width to the moon’s upper left this evening.

14 Jun    Tonight, Regulus is 4 finger-widths to the moon’s upper right.


1. George Prescott - 3 June 2013

Stargazer, heavy cloud cover in the metropolitan Chicago area has been a real bummer this spring. Hopefully the heavens will be more visible. George in Western Springs, IL

2. amedalen - 3 June 2013

I’m sorry you are missing some of the special events that are going on right now.
Don’t despair. In late July Jupiter, Mars and Mercury will put on quite a show in the pre-dawn sky.

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