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USPS Star Calendar for 28 August-3 September 21 August 2011

Posted by amedalen in August 2011, September 2011.
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29 Aug    New moon at 0304 UT

30 Aug    The moon is at perigee, 361,000 kilometers or 56.58 Earth-radii away.

1 Sep    Low in the west at sunset, magnitude 1.2 Spica is 1 fist-width to the moon’s right or lower right, and magnitude 0.9 Saturn is another fist-width beyond Spica. About 20 percent of the moon’s surface is illuminated. The equation of time is zero.

2 Sep    Low in the east before dawn, look for magnitude 0.1 Mercury 3 or 4 finger-widths to the upper right of magnitude 1.3 Regulus. Mercury reaches its greatest elongation, 18.1 degrees west of the sun, early tomorrow morning.

3 Sep    Tonight, the moon is in the head of the Scorpion with magnitude 1.1 Antares 4 finger-widths to the left. About one-third of the moon’s surface is illuminated.


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