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USPS Star Calendar for 13 to 19 March 6 March 2011

Posted by amedalen in March 2011.
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13 Mar    Using your binoculars, measure 1 finger-width to the moon’s lower right to find magnitude 3.2 mu Geminorum and 3 finger-widths to the moon’s lower left to find magnitude 1.9 Alhena, both in the constellation Gemini. Daylight saving time begins in most of the United States at 0200 as clocks are set one hour forward.

14 Mar    Procyon is a little more than 1 fist-width to the moon’s lower left tonight. The Gemini Twins are less than 1 fist-width above the moon. Mercury is 1 finger-width to Jupiter’s lower right low in the west at dusk.

15 Mar    Magnitude -1.1 Mercury is less than 1 finger-width to the upper right of magnitude -2.1 Jupiter at dusk. Today marks the Ides of March, when Julius Caesar was assassinated.

16 Mar    Tonight, Regulus is less than 1 fist-width to the moon’s lower left, and magnitude 2.2 Alphard is 2 fist-widths to the moon’s lower right.

17 Mar    Regulus is 3 finger-widths above the moon tonight. About 90 percent of the moon’s surface is illuminated. Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

19 Mar    Rising a half-hour after sunset, the full moon is followed by Saturn 1 fist-width to the lower left. Spica is 1 fist-width below Saturn, and Arcturus is 3 fist-widths to Saturn’s left. The moon is at perigee, less than 221,830 miles or 55.91 Earth-radii away. This is the moon’s closest approach of the year. Perigee occurs less than 1 hour after the full moon, so expect tidal extremes. Full Worm Moon at 1810 UT


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