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USPS Star Calendar for 5 to 11 September 29 August 2010

Posted by amedalen in September 2010.
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5 Sep
Look east as the sky begins to lighten to see the thin waning crescent moon. Procyon is 1½ fist-widths to the moon’s right. The Big Dipper is standing on its handle far to the left near the horizon.

6 Sep
Separated by little more than 1 finger-width, Mars is directly above Spica for the next two evenings. Venus slides off to the left, while Saturn sinks closer to the horizon. Use binoculars.

8 Sep
The moon is at perigee, only 56.00 Earth-radii away. Because perigee occurs only 6.4 hours before the new moon at 1030 UT, we can expect high tides. Rosh Hashana, the first day of the Jewish year 5771, begins at sundown.

9 Sep
The sun rotates at an inclination of 7.25 degrees to the ecliptic plane, with its north pole at maximum tilt toward Earth.

10 Sep
is 2 finger-widths to the waxing crescent moon’s upper right. Mars is nearly 3 finger-widths above or to the upper right of the moon. Venus is 3 finger-widths to the moon’s upper left. Use binoculars.

11 Sep
The moon has moved to the left of Venus.


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