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USPS Star Calendar for 29 August to 4 September 22 August 2010

Posted by amedalen in August 2010, September 2010.
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29 Aug
Magnitude 2.2 Hamal, in the constellation Aries, the Ram, is 1 fist-width directly above the moon, high in the west at dawn. Magnitude 2.7 Sheratan lies between them. Jupiter is nearly 3 fist-widths to the moon’s lower right.

31 Aug
Tonight, magnitude 1.2 Spica is less than 1 degree to Venus’ upper right, and Mars is a little more than 1 finger-width to the upper right. The Pleiades is 3 finger-widths to the left or upper left of the moon high in the south before dawn. Use binoculars.

1 Sep
Tonight, Venus, Spica and Mars form a nearly straight line. Spica is a little to the right of the much brighter Venus. The equation of time is zero. Last-quarter moon at 1722 UT. Use binoculars.

2 Sep
Watch as Venus continues to slowly pull away from Spica. Use binoculars.

3 Sep
High in the east this morning, Orion is to the right and the Gemini Twins are to the lower left of the waning crescent moon. Magnitude 0.5 Procyon is 2½ fist-widths below or to the lower right. The bright star 2½ fist-widths to the upper left is magnitude 0.2 Capella.


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