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USPS Star Calendar for 14 to 20 March 7 March 2010

Posted by amedalen in March 2010.
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14 Mar
Daylight saving time. Most of us set our clocks ahead one hour at 0200, when the time jumps forward to 0300. Officially there is no clock hour 0200 to 0300. The change is not made in American Samoa, Hawaii, Arizona (except the Navajo reservation), Saskatchewan, parts of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and most countries closer to the equator than Mexico. Europe makes the change the last Sunday in March.

15 Mar
The Ides of March mark the day of Julius Caesar’s assassination. New moon at 2102 UT

16 Mar
The thin crescent moon sits low in the west at dusk, and magnitude -3.9 Venus is 3 finger-widths to its left. Use your binoculars.

17 Mar
It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Pinch anybody who isn’t wearing green.

20 Mar
The spring equinox occurs this afternoon as the sun crosses the celestial equator into the northern celestial hemisphere. Until 2007, the equinox fell on 20 or 21 March. From now until 2044, it will occur on 20 March. Afterward, it will sometimes occur on 19 March. This evening the moon passes close to the Pleiades. Use your binoculars.


1. Alan Schultz - 7 March 2010

Daylight Savings Time already, or at least as of 14 March.

Funny thing about that, but the snow is still farly deep in spots hereabouts.

There is, of course, that old saw about time flying, though the thing seems to be exceeding the limits mentioned in L. Ron Hubbard’s To The Stars. Of course, perhaps it’s just that I’m getting old.

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