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USPS Star Calendar for 7 to 13 February 31 January 2010

Posted by amedalen in February 2010.
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7 Feb
Get out your binoculars to spot Antares, the heart of the scorpion, Scorpius, 1 finger-width to the lower left of the waxing crescent moon low in the east before dawn.

8 Feb
The moon is midway between Scorpius to the upper right and Sagittarius to the lower left.

11 Feb
With binoculars, look for Mercury, which rises a half-hour after the thin crescent moon and is followed an hour later by the sun. The equation of time is at minimum for the year, -14.26 minutes.

12 Feb
You’ll need binoculars to spot Mercury, which rises within 5 minutes of the moon.

13 Feb
The moon is at apogee. At 63.74 earth-radii away, it’s the farthest apogee of the year.


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